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Armstrong, Abigail 1-20-1982
Armstrong, Trevor 10-12-1983
Anderson, Sarah  
Arthur, Millicent  
Baran, John  
Barnes, Mermie  
Barnes, Nellie  
Breitigan, Edward Jr  
Breitigan, John  
Breitigan, Marie Jane 1-17-1914 / 7-30-2003
Brown, Harriet Estelle


Church, Ana Maria


Church,Barbara A 10-21-1933 / 4-6-2005
Church, Heidi Ann 6-20-1960
Church, Johnathan William  
Church, Michael Dean  
Church, Thomas Sr    
Church, Thomas Jr  
Cochran, Don  
Choudens, Diana N  
Choudens, Steven William                                             

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Coffman, Christina


Coffman, Jack Kenneth  
Creek, Marie  
Crosson, Charles  
Crosson, Jerry  
Crosson, Joan  
Crosson, John  
Culbertson, Elizabeth Ann 12-8-1970
Culbertson, Marc Christopher 5-5-1971
Culbertson, Terry Lane II 5-17-1968

Culbertson, Terry Lane


Curtis, Paige Nicole 10-30-1997
Curtis, Robert Neal  
Dunbar, Elizabeth Jane  
Felver, Monica  
Fussel, Alicia  
Geiling, Lynne  
Goodnight, Claudia 7-26-1946
Gutierrez, Josephine  
Hartley, Donald E  
Hartley, Donald Ryan  
Hartley, Jennifer  
Hammond, Halle Brooke 12-29-1995
Hammond, Jason Jesse 1-22-1980

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Hammond, Jesse A 10-27-1940                     
Hammond, Mary Jane 10-18-1942
Hammond, Sherri Jane 3-1-1963
Hammond, Summer Jill 5-17-1981
Hill, Jourdan Thomas 11-25-1997
Hill, Todd Thomas 4-29-1968
Jarabak, Mary Veronica 3-19-42
Jeffrey, Randy J 8-21-1955
Jeffrey, Randy J  
Johnson, David 11-3-1972
Johnson, Elizabeth  
Johnson, Jullianna 11-22-1968
Johnson, Robert 10-29-1940
Jones, Doris  
Jones, Patrick O'Keefe  
Kellogg, Babs Luann 4-5-1961
Kellogg, Barbara  
Kellogg, Elza  
Kellogg, George  

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Kellogg, Hervey Sr  
Kellogg, Hervey Jr  
Kellogg, Jeanie  
Kellogg, Lester  
Kellogg, Lovell  
Kellogg, Nelene 11-15-1961
Kellogg, Orville  
Kellogg, Sam  
Kellogg, Steve Arley  
Kellogg, Steve Everett 5-23-1962
Kellogg, Tamara Arlene 8-15-1966
Kellogg, Virgil  
Kellogg, Elza  
Kellogg, William Elza 6-25-1938 / 8-21-2004
Koch,Ruth Elaine 7-22-1936                        
Kolendo, Bonnie  
Kolendo, Betty  

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Kolendo, Debbie  
Kolendo, Joe  
Kolendo, Julie  
Kolendo, Leo 9-5-1884 / 2-27-1954
Kolendo, Mary Ruth  
Kolendo, Michael  
Kolendo, Michael Earl 3-17-1945
Kolendo, Michael Asher  
Kolendo, Timothuy Earl  
Kolendo, Claire


Kolendo, Sarah 1886 / 1947
Kolendo, Steve  
Kolendo, Wayne  
Kozmichov, Alexander Lugansky 1878-1948
Langdon, Andrew Jordan 2-24-1988
Langdon, Eric Leon 4-23-1962
Langdon, Ryan David 10-6-1985
Lear, Johnathan David 4-6-1985
Lear, Joshua Daniel 11-5-1987
Lear, Lindsey Sarah 12-14-1990
Lear, Richard Thornwell 7-2-1983

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Lear, Thornwell Anderson    ( Son )


Lear, Thornwell Anderson    (Father )  
Lear, MarkThomas 9-22-1992
Leonard, Mary Jane 12-3-1848 /
Leonard, Thomas Jefferson 4-2-1825
Linn, Jesse  
Loya Cliff  
Loya Clifford  
Lucas, Hiram M


Lucas, Mary Audrey 8-17-1907 / 12 13 1994
Manor, Gerald  
Maitlen, William H 9-19-1844 / 5-2-1901
Marshall, Eliza Ann 12-16-1826
Myers, ( Family )  
Myers, Sarah Ann  
McAfee, Eliza 1819
McCarty, Donald  

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McDonough, Rosemarie __-6-1938
Meck,Samuel Joseph  
Miller, Glenda 4-2-1942
Neverline, Albert Charles Sr 2-22-1920    10-24-1924
Neverline, Albert Charles Jr 11-21-1951
Neverline, David Lee 6-1-1960
Neverline, Janet Lynn 2-6-1955
Neverline, Virginia Ruth 3-12-1948
Penna, Joseph  
Penna, Mike  
Penna, Paul  
Periera, Daniel Jack 2-3-1968
Periera, Jack  
Periera, Jack Jr  
Periera, Matthew  
            , Mickey  
Periera, Nicklaus  
Redman, Jessie Gertrude 10-22-1889    4-1980
Reynolds, Carden C  
Reynolds, Helen Catherine  
Reynolds, Lucile Keen  

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Rickard, Wanda Raye  
Rinker, Andrew  
Rinker, Clair Elizabeth  
Rinker, Clare Ray 12-10-1935    4-27-97
Rinker, Cleo 1-1-1910    8-3-1960
Rinker, Cody Ray  
Rinker, Daniel Thomas 12-29-1962                         
Rinker, David Wayne  
Rinker, Elizabeth  
Rinker, Erick  
Ricker, Jacob  
Rinker, Jerry Lee 4-23-1940
Rinker, Johnathan Andrew  
Rinker, Kendra Lea 8-4-1970
Rinker, Larry Bee 4-23-1940

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Rinker, Michaela  
Rinker, Nancy Kathleen


Rinker, Paul Steven  
Rinker, Sarah May  
Ryan, Patricia Maria 12-5-1970
Ryan, Patrick  
Ryan, Teresa Jean 2-9-1963
Saunders, Thomas  
Saunders, Stacy  
Saunders, Tracy  
Seegers, Caitlyn Anne  
Seegers, Courtney Marie  
Sellars, A C  
Smith, Anthony Joseph 1-29-1958
Smith, Charles Wagner 3-27-1969

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Smith, Elizabeth Ann 12-17-1958
Smith, Erin  
Smith, Gregory Eugene 8-2-1960
Smith, Philip Bernard 1023-1962
Smith, Nathan  
Smith, Ryan


Smith, Wallace Andrew 12-22-1956
Strait, William Gerald 4-4-1919
Strait, William Gerald Jr 12-22-1946
Strait, Diana Ruth 11-4-1943
Strait, Donna Jean 2-8-1959
Strait,Phillip Earl 3-17-52
Stoker, Jesse  
Stringer, Frances Lindsey  
Strould, Barbara Sue  
Thomas, Michael  
Voris. Franklin Nolan  
Voris. Michelle Renee


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Voris. Richard Wayne  

"Ruth Wagner's History of her immediate Family"

Wagner, Amanda 2-16 1983
Wagner, Ann 1803 / 4-24-1869
Wagner, Arleen 3-30-1917 / 1966
Wagner, Arley B 1883 / 1954
Wagner, Ashlee Mary  
Wagner, Betty June 7-23-1924
Wagner, Buddy L


Wagner, Christopher Royce  
Wagner, Cia Del 4-22-1968
Wagner, Claudia Ann 7-26-1946
Wagner, Daniel C  
Wagner, David Max 6-12-1942
Wagner, David  
Wagner, Erick David 10-18-1958
Wagner, George Couts 6-4-1798 / 1-27-1878

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Wagner, George Washington 1-29-1845 /
Wagner, Don  
Wagner, Herbert G

1-21-1889 /                    

Wagner, James Phillip 8-_-1922 /
Wagner, James  
Wagner, Janet  
Wagner, Keyli 3-5-1992
Wagner, Joseph Bernard  
Wagner, John  
Wagner, Joseph David  
Wagner, Julia Elizabeth  
Wagner, Leo Gail 1935
Wagner, Lisa Caye 6-17-1962
Wagner, Lissie 9-25-1876                           
Wagner, Mabel  
Wagner, Malinda Sue 3-28-1948

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Wagner, Marcy 11-27-1984
Wagner, Mark Thomas 12-19-1954
Wagner, Marsha  
Wagner, Martha A 1872
Wagner, Martha Died as a baby
Wagner, Mary Alice  
Wagner, Mary Beth 11-5-1953
Wagner, Mary Jane 10-18-1942                         
Wagner, Marylin  
Wagner, Matthew Died as a baby
Wagner, Max 3-31-1920 / 4-26-2003
Wagner, Maxine 6-16-1922 / 12-7-1993
Wagner, Melissa  
Wagner, Mildred 3-31-1910
Wagner, Monta Gail  

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Wagner, Montie Jack  
Wagner, Murry Cleon  
Wagner, Murry Cleon Jr  
Wagner, Myrtle 11-25-1885
Wagner, Nellie M 1-11-1871
Wagner, Orpheus O 4-10-1881
Wagner, Robert Jean 8-28-1927 / 5-12-2007
Wagner, Robert Milton 12-26-33
Wagner, Robert Wayne 2-26-1960
Wagner, Ronald Vaugh 10-4-1963
Wagner, Richard John 12-30-1932 / 7-26-2008
Wagner, Ruth  
Wagner, Steven Craig  
Wagner, Theresa Angeila  
Wagner, Teresa Carolyn 5-5-1947
Wagner, Thomas John 6-13-1931

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Wagner, Virgil Hobart  
Wagner, Wanda Lee 5-30-1959
Wagner, Wayne L 1926 / 1948
Wagner, William 4-4-1919
Wallace, Amy Lynn 5-8-1978
Wallace, Sarah Joe 7-13-1986
Weaver, E Mason  
Weitzel, Genevieve Denise 10-20-1941
Weitzel Genevieve Gertrude 3-6-1922    5-21-2004
Weitzel, Harry Otto (Bus) 12-5-1915
Weitzel, Josephine 1-3-1918
Weitzel, Lance  
Weitzel, Leo Raymond Sr 3-3-1922    7-16-1948
Weitzel, Leo Raymond Jr  
Weitzel, Louis Conrad 8-3-1888    6-16-1955
Weitzel, Louis Henry 11-23-1912    7-26-1995

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Weitzel, Patricia Lee 11-17-1942
Weitzel, Robert Charles 9-1-1920
Weitzel, Todd  
Weitzel, Virginia Ruth 5-21-1925    11-7-2001


Wilkinson, Jack Cecil 1-17-1922 / 1-15-2004
Wimmer, Ruth  
Wingate, Aldora  
Wingate, Alfred  
Wingate, Belinda 1817-1885
Wingate. Bessie  
Wingate, Ethel 1886 / 1964
Wingate, Margaret  
Wingate, Robert S 1832-1899
Wingate, Sarah E 1859-1934                       
Wingate, Thomas M 1853-1926
Wingate, James W 1815-1901
Wise, Edna Conner  
Youmans, Harry  

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